Albury 2024

REGENERATE returns to Albury, NSW between 2nd-4th August, 2024 for the 3rd installment of this groundbreaking decentralized health summit.

Held in picturesque Splitters Creek, REGENERATE Albury will bring together Australian & worldwide leaders in circadian & quantum health, food system transformation & regenerative farming over a weekend of connection, feasting and learning.

Summit Day I - Decentralizing Food & Farming

Day I focuses on the problems of industrial, centralized agricultural and food systems and how we can build build a more robust, decentralized system via regenerative agriculture. Featuring:

Dr Pran Yoganathan, gastroenterologist, philosopher, hunter, regenerative farmer and outspoken advocate for transparency in medicine.

Melanie Jackson, PhD, pioneering Australian homebirth midwife, host of the Great Birth Rebellion Podcast, advocate for holistic, woman-centred obstetric care.

Cyndi O’Meara, veteran holistic health educator & advocate, founder of Changing Habits & the Nutrition Academy, regenerative farmer.

Jake Wolki, operator of Wolki Farm, regenerative farming innovator & entrepreneur.

David Bushell, consultant agronomist, chemical turned regenerative farmer, advocate for chemical-free agricultural practices.

Chemical Farming, Chemical Medicine Q&A featuring Dr Rob Szabo, Albury GP & farmer on the parallels of high-input agricultural technicques and pharmaceutical-focused medical practice.

Summit Day II - Light & Health

Day II focuses on light, circadian & quantum biology light, the electromagnetic spectrum and its role in health. This a cutting edge innovative area of health and the first quantum health summit day in Australia. Featuring:

Dr Max Gulhane, GP Registrar, circadian health advocate & educator, co-founder of REGENERATE, host of the Regenerative Health Podcast.

Cameron Borg, nutritionist, pulmonary scientist, host of the Ricci Flow Nutrition podcast with a passion for circadian & quantum biology & the role of electromagnetic spectrum on human health.

Kiera Lea, quantum health clinician and educator, advocate preventive medicine with a focus on mitochondria and circadian healthcare.

Tristan Scott, electrical engineer, health coach, host of the Decentralized Radio podcast, author of book Bitcoin & Beef, educator on harms of non-native electromagnetic fields.

Stuart McWilliam, regenerative farmer, co-owner of Integrity Meats, expert in Natural sequence farming.

Light & Health Q&A featuring Cameron Borg, Max Gulhane, Kiera Lea & Tristan Scott.

Livestream Access

For the first time ever, you will be able to watch REGENERATE summit from anywhere in the world with an ALL-ACCESS LIVESTREAM PASS that gives you full virtual summit access and immediate access to the summit recording after the event.